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There are many benefits to keeping up with routine vehicle maintenance. By performing necessary tasks as recommended, you can prevent a breakdown and save yourself money on repair costs. In addition, taking care of your car and making a record of each service completed can improve its resale value.

Regular upkeep keeps you, your passengers, and other motorists safer by managing problems that can lead to accidents. You can find information on recommended maintenance in your user's manual, along with the intervals each should be performed. Here's a summary of some of the most important services the Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Kennett team suggests.

Oil and Filter Change

The oil in your engine accumulates dust, dirt, and other debris as you drive. This debris can cause excessive wear and tear to engine parts. In addition, changing the oil and filter regularly ensures these moving parts stay lubricated so that your engine doesn't overheat.

Tire Care

You depend on your tires for a comfortable ride but making sure they're in good condition and properly inflated is also essential for safety reasons. Check your tire pressure regularly and be sure to schedule tire rotations as needed to keep wear to a minimum. Tires with low tread should be replaced.

Brake Service

Our skilled technicians can inspect your brakes for damage or leaks. This is especially important if you notice squeaking or grinding noises when stopping.

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We hope this list has helped you to get a better handle on some of the most important maintenance needs for your car. If you're ready to schedule a service appointment, you can do so on our website conveniently at any time of the day or night. Feel free to give our service department a call if you'd prefer to speak with an associate.